“Black Woman” ft. Stacy Barthe

Produced by Mars
Explicit Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah, uh
Forever a queen, pure black and ever so clean
When shit get hot you help me watch for what these devils could bring
Responsible nightmares and having federal dreams
And being grounded can bring you closer to the heavenly things
I learn from you, I want you to teach me to love you
The missing piece to the puzzle single parent hustle
I feel stupid, thought cupid’s arrows too dull to cut through
Sweet Sadie you give me sugar place none above you
That cocoa butter on skin, took the G out of me
Wanna be with a king, Coretta must be your kin
Gotta be color blind, you can’t see you’re a gem
Before I break the family branch, I’ll go out on a limb
I love your eyes, the way you stare
I love your heart how you provide for whomever’s there
I promise I got you, you never had a lot how could I fault you for this?
You like the closest thing to god, still we call you a bitch
Black Woman!

[Verse 2]
Thanking god for your presence, you gifted girl you a blessing
Since these women are ours, let’s cherish them every second
Times get harder, that’s why your heart darker than Florida Evans
Simply precious, my muse my beautiful imperfection
Mother Nature gave me life that’s how they best describe it
The light of my life but still we are forever blinded
They turnaround exploit your physicals and televise ‘em
We more concerned with diamonds and rhymes about who’s the flyest
Here’s my lecture to recognize ‘em, she timeless, why do they hate her
From Nina Simone to Angela Davis, hung up my jersey from modern day player
Know a single woman who struggles working doubles
But still could never do her no favors
Know a single woman who fucking ball players for paper
Training the adolescent mind to celebrate her
If no you there is no me, how could I fault you for this?
You like the closest thing to God, still we call you bitch
Black Woman!

[Verse 3]
I swear your hair is like the thickest cotton pickings
Heading for temptation but that’s not an option listed
And as I browse your mind I’m learning that you’re optimistic
Could probably vision us together but that’s not realistic
I heard the rumors twice over and they sound horrific
But I knows better searching for your mouth to kiss in
Man when I pray I tell my god that you’re his best invention
And when I’m done touching your mind, here’s my next intention
A blessing isn’t it? A stand up nigga never pour me a four up
She wants the real me and I ain’t hesitate when I showed her
This ain’t checkers its chess, start our journey through flesh
Who the fuck are they kidding you nurtured men through your breast
I bare these arms for protection, you point the finger at fault
Was handed nothing, you vanishing I can’t stomach the thought
I couldn’t manage to be hip, the pain would damage my walk
My feet are tired, you embody everything I admire, my black woman!

Black Woman!

(Where would we be, where would we be, a black woman, without our mothers, without sisters, grandmothers and aunts, wives, girlfriends, oh woman)