“All in Stride”

Produced by Hit Boy
Explicit Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Okay I’m back to school you niggas this is open campus
This is pimping I should slap a nigga open handed
High off life I told a model she needs lower standards
Asked her if she had a twin I feel like joey tanner
Big spender, Kris Jenner I promote the family
Car dashing/Kardashian, see the Benzo she like oh what’s happening
Think she call me daddy ‘cause she never knew her daddy
And my shooters all black rhythm nation Janet
Boy don’t make me Jack son, robbery, uh bodily harm
Was underground now she topping me off
Slob on my knob
Niggas frontin’ like a ride with the mob
Why shouldn’t I charge
Me, myself and I menagé a trois
Play the odds, a yes man is just a bobble head doll, holla tomorrow
A nigga strutting like pac out the court
Hop out the Porsche,
Shake that ass got that pussy on menu the a la carte
Boy I had to make my point bout this wave, watch for the sharks (bounce)

Yo, hold the fuck up you dusty feet ass bitches
Wanna be fuckin these niggas for free, worrying ‘bout how your bills gonna get paid
Bitch, if you knew better you’d do better
And you niggas around here working another nigga bomb
And you ain’t even became no boss yet
Get you some money

[Verse 2]
Had to chef it up, I’m talking Cuban links
Tell her ain’t no weak link in my Cuban link
I only like my cougar at a youthful age
Nigga, we was ganging since the platinum FUBU days
I got dreams of being hova outchea moving ye
Listen babe, this shit so good you’ll think I’m cool with ye
Okay my diamonds dancin I could bag a Lisa Raye
Life is hard but it’s easy being truthful baby
This shit dope for real, overload the scale
This is pimpin’ like I got coke in my pinky nail
Get the money baby, we don’t touch what ain’t ours
Bet it back I bet I match it like the same style
Chopsticks for beef we shutting PF Chang’s down
I gave you prophecy my first one and you lamed out
Luckily, sold dope but it wasn’t for me
Still the flow raw, peep the way I bubble in these streets
Who can fuck with me